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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bumbu Bali

Hello readers, how is your Sunday treat?
End of the July and i didn't have extra budget to hang out, opsh, just remember i just got a Standard Chartered credit card with free RM300.00 inside. *blush* How to spent this evil money? Whole Sunday morning stick at living room and watching Olympic. Feel like blogging right now, so let make this short. Still have a bunch of house works need to settle after this.

Back to the title again,
Young master made a reservation online before departure because he don't want to disappoint me. Is this Bumbu Bali that famous? Please take note that there have 2 different branches for Bumbu Bali. Young master also confused which restaurant that he had booked. *faint* According to him, we just need 30minutes walking distance to reach the restaurant...... but the reality is we walked more than 1 hours under the big sunny. *sweating*

Heading to the restaurant. *Teehee*
I'm always energetic at the starting point. This area should be very happening at night, lots of bar, restaurant and spa. Walked under big sunny without big trees is suffering, a lesson from us to love our mother nature.

Hahaha!! This Bumbu Bali isn't the restaurant that young master booked. The host consoled us that we are quite near to our destination. I love friendly local all around. *kiss* But why they wanna built up another restaurant just 500m away? Young Master found out after the trip, one of it is use as culinary school.

Here we are,
I asked young master, no people geh? Why you need to make reservation leh? Joking with him is bery funny because his face is thicker than others. Maybe he's not in a good mood and sweat like hell. Actually what I'm going to said is...... insulting him is one of my bad hobby. *evil laugh*

The Balinese decoration. According to some trip info from Internet, this restaurant is top on the list. Maybe because of the environment and cleanness?

He still sweating after we rest for few minutes. Ha ha ha, retribution that forcing me to do some health exercise. Taxi driver kept honk us for a ride while we are walking.

Snack with sambal. Yum~

I can't remember the name of beverage that i ordered, maybe is lime honey mojito. Freeze drink is a must for the hot weather. Young master had orange juice. The lime flavor is fresher compare with lime from Malaysia, maybe is different type. But certainly Bali's lime is better, fresh but not so sweet.

Dang dang dang~ yummy food. Portion is quite big, good for sharing and i start worried whether we can finish all of it or not. Then Young Master saw a stack of lemongrass and 3 super big red chillies, he think those are fresh salad in Bali cuisine. Luckily the waiter explained is just for decoration purposes. Imagine how funny was that if he EAT the decoration. *LOL*

Bebek Menyatnyat - Creamy Duck Curry. I love the mild spicy with creamy curry that mix with chewier duck meat. This is the signature dish in their restaurant, not bad at all.

Come with glutinous rice and spicy side dish. I'm saying very SPICY vege, young Master started to sweat again once he took the first bite.

Sate Lilit - Minced seafood on lemongrass. I like the way they present the food to us, grilling on a small porcelain. Still keep the warmness after half hour and still juicy enough.

The VERY SPICY vege that blown young Master's tongue. Don't be fool by the appearance, you can't see reddish color but i am damn sure will burn your tongue.

That's all for today. *muakz*

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